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World Media and Technology Corporation Introduced To The World Their “MicroCell 5G HZ People Global Mobile

A publicly traded media and technology Italian company called World Media and Technology Corporation introduced to the world their “MicroCell 5G HZ People Global Mobile Network Project”.
The powerful vision of this media and technology company is to disrupt and decentralize the global mobile cellular and internet access industry and transfer the channel of distribution from the powerful “Telecom Companies and Internet Service Providers” to the “General Public” by introducing their proprietary and technologically advanced “microCell 5G HZ Technology”.

Please note that the industry leaders worldwide like VERIZON, AT & T, Nokia and others are projecting that their version of the “5G HZ Technology” will be available by 2020 at best.  The five years advantage of Wor(l)d’s “microCell 5G HZ Technology” project launch against the giant telecom industry leaders scheduled project launch will allow the Wor(l)d’s “Peoples Global Mobile Network” to control a major worldwide market share.
The industry leaders and governments across the globe agreed that the “5G HZ Project” is vitally important to avoid the system collapse of the existing “Global Communication Platform” and the “Internet” by 2020 due to the additional projected load that will be imposed to the system due to scenario described in this links 5G, Wi-Fi and the Internet of Things – HetNet Happenings Episode 28 ,How the Internet of Things Will Change the World and 5G Technology review.

WOR(l)D’s approach to the construction of the mCell 5G network is truly innovative. The Network will be deployed by installing a special Micro Cell named “Space Station”, and the installation will be made directly by its own members, in their homes, offices, stores and venues. WOR(l)D members will then build and own the mCell 5G Network, receiving benefits in terms of reducing their communication costs and earning money as if they were Mobile operators.  The members ownership interest is in the form of the “REVENUE SHARE’ of the company wide and worldwide “OFF LOAD” revenue.

The introduction of the “microCell 5G HZ Technology” by Wor(l)d allows private individuals like you and me to operate like a “Mobile Operators” by the simple deployment of the inexpensive space stations across the globe.  Since we owned the “mCell 5G HZ Network”, it allows us to beat the prices of the calling/texting and data plans of all mobile cellular carriers and internet service providers worldwide.

I am seriously looking for business leaders worldwide who are interested in having ownership interest in this potentially billion dollar media and technology company. Email me at peter@nettiger.com

Please contact me immediately if you are interested in owning and operating your own mobile network without expending billion of dollars that traditional mobile cellular carriers like Verizon, Sprint, AT & T, PLDT, Globe Communication, Smart spent in building their very expensive mobile network.  The Wor(l)d’s proprietary “MicroCell 5G HZ Technology” allows the use of inexpensive space stations that can be deployed worldwide by Wor(l)d’s members instead of the very expensive towering cell towers used by the traditional giant mobile cellular carriers.

The technological and economic competitive advantages offered by the use of Wor(l)d’s proprietary “MicroCell 5G HZ Technology” is the key for this company to dominate the global mobile network and internet access industry. This is for Serious Minder Persons That Can Grasp This New Technology And Realize It Is So